The idea for this blog entered my once-passive mind when I took up an online course on Women’s Studies. The thoughts that lead up to it had been floating around my think tank for a while (my Literature classes had set them off). To say that all of these ideas entering my head were like a slap in the face wouldn’t even begin to describe it. I had always thought of myself as a woman with feministic tendencies, only to realize that I had overestimated those very tendencies.

When someone talks about the “oppression of woman” we think of domestic violence, rape, prostitution, sexual harassment and even in some cases arranged marriages. But all these are just physical. We don’t think of the most important element: the mind--- the heart of all oppression. Women, for centuries and civilizations, have been made to fetter their thoughts, dreams and feelings to the darkest corners of their minds. They have been told that they are not worth having a voice, that, in fact, they are not supposed to have a voice.

You could be a woman who has been fortunate enough to speak her mind and follow her dreams, or a woman who has had to live in silence, or you could just be a girl who has been told (in very subtle ways) that her place is in the kitchen. Hell, you could even be a man who has had someone tell him to quit being “such a girl”.  This blog isn’t an anti-male rant. Though it is primarily directed towards women, I believe that it needs to read by anybody and everybody. 

The content of this brilliant 21st century invention (I mean this blog) isn’t just about the everyday suffering of women that one sees on the news. That would be too depressing. And that just makes me angry (and murderous). And as Edmund Dantés would very well tell you, anger and the desire for vengeance doesn’t get you anywhere. So instead I’ll talk/write about the smaller things, things that we probably don’t notice. (And I’ll try and add in humour along the way. There’s no point in getting depressed in the process of reading, is there? Wouldn't want you to stop reading.)

Some may argue that the feminist movement has come and gone. But this isn’t about feminism. This is about that one intangible thing that humans and animals have always found it in themselves to fight for--- freedom.

PS- If you have anything to share please leave a comment (be kind!). Feel free to share your view (send me a mail). I wouldn't mind posting them even.